Our New Game, And Why It’ll Be Our Best Yet

24 Aug

Joey and I are starting development on our next game, which will hopefully end up being a stealth-based 2d game of thievery.  The best part though is that we’re pretty confident that it will be our best game yet.  Our reasons for feeling this way are primarily that we will not be using a publisher [...]

Bide is out!

27 Jul

  The windows version of Bide is now available from the EvolvingPoet Store.  If you like quirky platformers, then you should definitely give it a look.  It has 40 levels, a few bosses, and you can even transform into a bulldozer!

Bide Delayed

22 Jul

Bide’s release date is being delayed until July 26th this month. Some life things came up forcing Joey and I to push back the release date a bit, so sorry about that. However, this does give us a few more hours to polish the game some more and cram in as much content as we [...]

Bide Gameplay Alpha Available

13 Jul

Bide Demo Post

Want to check out the Bide Gameplay Alpha?  Then download it here!  Bide isn’t near finished yet though, so keep that in mind if you check it out.  The final version should be dropping on the 19th, and it’ll have a bunch of things that aren’t in the demo, like: more refined player boxes sound [...]

New Game Announcement- Bide!

6 Jul

Bide Blog Image

We’re super excited to finally get to announce our next upcoming game, Bide!  For a bunch of info, you can look at the Bide press release.  It is classic platformer with worlds, bosses, death pits, path walking enemies and all of the traditional things that you’ve come to love, with a few tweaks that we [...]