Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds

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Point and Click Pulp Mystery

Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds is a distinctive point and click pulp mystery adventure game that puts you in the place of Jack Haunt, a dead PI who needs to find the remains of himself before the sun goes down. Losing the deed to his haunting grounds, he must unravel the mysteries of his haunted house, discover the secrets of the past, raise the dead, become friends with the undead, and even travel through time.

A Dark History

Investigate the nefarious tale behind the house where Jack died as you help him discover where his remains lie.  Piece together clues about your past life as the story unfolds over 4+ hours of gameplay.  A simplified point and click adventure at heart, Jack Haunt will have you searching the now-abandoned house for clues, while stream lining the complicated elements typical of the genre. An experimental progressive difficulty system will make more or less clues available depending on how well you are doing.

Style to Burn

Experience the dark inner workings of a dangerous mystery from the relative safety of a point and click adventure.  The contrast of the story’s horrendous implications with our hand-drawn graphics and quirky 50′s-cheese writing (and humor?) will keep you on edge without leaving you heaving at explicit gore.

Put Your Soul at Ease

Jack Haunt is built to give you all of the greatness that comes with a traditional point and click adventure game, in a slimmed down way.  Do you have questions/statements like these!?

I used to play point and clicks a lot, but now I have no time!

Jack Haunt provides a concise story with 4+ hours of core gameplay and bite-sized story chunks that make it optimal for start-and-stop play.

Point and Clicks are so hard though!

Jack Haunt aims to provide the perfect balance between challenging and playability.  Our puzzles make sense and relate to the story, and if you’re having a hard time progressing through the story, you can always use the in-game hint system. The game will also attempt to adapt to your gameplay style, giving you more clues if you need them, and less if you don’t.

How much will something like this cost?

Only $5!

Sound like something you would like? Then what are you waiting for! Buy Jack Haunt now and help support indie gaming!

Get Jack Haunt Here

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Quick Facts for Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds

-Point and Click Pulp Mystery Adventure Game

-50′s Private Eye setting with a supernatural/normal natural horror plot

-4+ hours of core gameplay, more with side quests and exploration

-150+ objects to interact with

-PC release, with intent for Linux and Mac releases shortly after

-Only $5!