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Updated: May 24

I'm at the stage in my faith 

where I need to change 

but through the flesh I remain

the same. Lord everything

I do is in vain and I'm ashamed.

I'm so unworthy like we all are.

Through our imperfections,

I now recognise the purpose of

the sacrifice.  I need to make the

decision to be part of your mission.

The transition will never be smooth.

I'm stuck in this sin and need to get

out of this groove. Although I've

accepted the truth, the enemy

continues to move... and his

attempts to make me fall succeed

and it seems his tricks causes me to

fall deeper in the pit. But, thankfully,

through Christ, I can never get too

deep. I may get stranded like the lost

sheep, but my redeemer always

leads me back. I aspire to

follow in the steps of His beautiful

feet. But first, I must retire from my

old ways and be cleansed.

Lord eradicate my freshly desires 

and make me crave your ways,

and not to be a slave to my own.

I'm at a time in my life where

I feel so alone. But the spirit is in

me and that's all I need.


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