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Perfectly Imperfect

I'm a human which means I'm broken.

When you think you're unstoppable

you're mistaken. 

Life will shatter your perception,

cause you to question your reflection. 

It will alter your lens, adjust your perspective,

lead you to drop the pretenses, 

leave you defenceless.


I know this sounds cold but as life

unfolds I don't feel so bold. 

I'm fighting for resolve trying to

find light for my soul. Truth be told -

I observe the struggle...

swerve the uncomfortable.

My way out is unimaginable.

I'm searching for the unequivocal.

But the cards on this table aren't changing.

I know my way out is moving forward 

through the storm.

But I'm torn from the fight through fear.

How many times will I fall before I can finally stand firm?


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