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Set Apart

I struggle with a corruptible nature,

yet my mind has been captured by 

His word, causing me to reverse 

and change direction; escaping

the tent of affliction.

I have risen into a new life which 

is as real as the resurrection.

I'm no longer bound by condemnation, 

as I've been set free through the


I love to dissolve my contradictions

and live to illuminate His guiding

principles which makes me stable.

I'm rooted deep within the kingdom

growing taller than the mountains.

God's provision is like a fountain 

that overflows and never ends 

enabling us to break through that

from which we contend.

I didn't always live this way.

I used to chase my desires and 

serve the flesh, only to find a life 

of unrest and fear.

Through His grace He steered me 

back onto the narrow path.

Lord, don't allow me to compromise 

and fall into demise 

for you are the greatest prize,

who kept me alive for the day to finally arrive 

where I was determined to live 

your way  - I'm now revived.

Refine and strengthen me 

that I may bring you praise 

by passing the test of faith.

You are my foundation -

without the rock,

I'm broken beyond destruction.

Align my vision with your will,

may your plan for my life be fulfilled. 

Instil unbreakable wisdom,

which is only gifted through Christ 

who is risen.

Without you I have no reason, 

no desire to continue.

You empower me through the season

by the fruit of your presence.

So I lift my hands in reverence,

grateful for your guiding hand,

directing my steps 

into the promised land.


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